Republic of Markland
Markland flag
Flag of the Republic of Markland

For the good of the people.
National Anthem:
None yet selected

Capital Kennewick, WA (CD)
Largest City Arlington, TX (MDF)

Official language Texan
National languages Texan, English

Demonym Marklandian, Marklandic

Religion Christian

Government Presidentialfederal republic
President Mark Ingalls
Vice-President Amanda Tow

Established January 1, 2010

– Citizens 18
– Residence 1,195,343

Currency Marklandian Dollar (MLDD)

Time zone (UTC -9 to -6)

Country code ML (proposed)

Internet TDL .ml(proposed)

Drives on the Right

Calling code +1

Animal Platypus

Sport Geocaching

Date formats Holocene calendar
month dd, yyyyy

Website [1]

The Republic of Markland is a micronation entirely within the United States

Politics & GovernmentEdit

The vice presidents and District Governors will be elected (candidates will be nominated by the president). The president will serve in office all his life. All department heads will be appointed by the president.

Constitution Edit

The first draft of the Republic's constitution has been completed. Using the constitution of the U.S. state of Alaska as its basis, it also includes several provisions based on the United States federal constitution as well. Key provisions include:

  • Equal rights are guaranteed without regard to race, creed, sex, color, nationality, or disability.
  • An explicitly-worded section that guarantees freedom of religion and declares a separation of church and state.
  • Freedom of speech and press are guaranteed.
  • The Right to bear arms is guaranteed.
  • Marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman.
  • Personal income taxes are prohibited.
  • English is the official language.

Foreign RelationsEdit

See Foreign Relations.

Federal ActsEdit

Federal Acts are listed here. Federal Acts currently pertain to government departments, but will pertain to a wide verity of items in the future.


Departments are listed under Federal Act 1


The President of Markland declared a small part of Dyess AFB, TX as his own sovereign nation. This was the President's first land claims. This attempt in 2008 ultimately failed when his friend claimed more than half the land. They then went too war and this ended both micronations.

In April of 2009 the President claimed portions of Kennewick, WA as his own sovereign nation called the Ingalls Empire. This attempt, like the one in 2008 also failed, only this time it was due to a lack of knowledge about establishing a micronation.

On 1 January 2010 President Mark Ingalls declared the Republic of Markland as its own sovereign nation.

On 4 January 2010 President Mark Ingalls created a Bureau of Defense (see Federal Act 1B) because he was worried that the Republic would be called in to help defend their 2 allies that are members of the GAMA during the ASEA Claiming Conflict. This conflict, however, was resolved the following day without a declaration of war.


Send an email with your name, the district that you would be listed as residing in, and (if applicable) other micronations that you are a citizen of to the presdient at

Territorial Claims Edit

600 px

State/Territory name Postal Type Capital Largest city Citizen Pop. Resident Pop. Governor
Barrow BW District Barrow 1 ~3,900 SQ Icefury DeFord
CDA CA District Coeur d'Alene 1 ~45,000 Beth Puryear
Island IS District The biggest island 1 0 Taylor Corpuz
Mid DFW MDF District Arlington 1 ~570,000 Kathryn McDuff
North Polar NP District North Pole 1 ~3,000 Amanda Tow
Rattlesnake(formally Capitol) RS or CD District Kennewick 14 ~221,600 Ryan Stewart
Tonkawa(formally Abilene) TK or AB District Abilene 1 ~130,000 Brody Ratto
Umatilla UM District Umatilla Hermiston 1 ~15,000 Oscar Ingalls

External LinksEdit

Official Site
Official map of the Republic
Official Facebook Page

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